Duratain VC products seal in the beauty of your vehicle and the value of your investment.

Duratain products solve common problems with RVs. We continually work hard developing new products and services that saves you time, money and worry, so you can enjoy the RV lifestyle to the fullest!


Exterior Protective Coating

VC-1 Exterior coating was developed to not only protect but reduce your maintenance on the many different finishes used in the RV industry. Our RV specific coating is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or flake off. VC-1 is an important top coating that won’t need waxing, is easy to clean, long lasting, and is a must for today’s thin RV finishes.


Textile Coating

VC-2 Textile coating is formulated to stop stains without using dangerous off gassing which is common in this type of product. Our advanced plasticization process is undetectable to sight, smell and feel. Many different textiles are used in building today’s RV interiors, VC-2 strengthens these materials increasing their life by up to 50%, guaranteed for 5 years.


Awning, Leather, and Vinyl

We have developed a transparent cross-link polymer bond. That creates a protective barrier against oil, mold, and mildew in these type of materials. VC-3 helps protect from permanent staining and creates a cleanable surface. Guaranteed for 5 years..


Shielded Undercoating

Engineered to stop stray currents that are common in the RV and Aircraft industry. These stray currents cause premature structural failures that occur between dissimilar metals.  Exceeding military specifications  (TT-C 520B) and guaranteed 10 years. VC-4 withstands the harshest environmental extremes. Used on both enclosed and open underbellies.

Used RV Owners

Give your RV a Fresh Start with Duratain RV Cabin Sanitizer
​​Get a fresh start with your newly purchased RV. This professionally installed product safely knocks out germs, viruses, mold and mildew in fabrics and surfaces found in the cabin space of your RV. Duratain’s unique formula leaves no residue or smell.
Wade Maid Products
Wade Maid Products Our RV maintenance products were originally developed for use by our Duratain staff. These hard to find specialty products are now available to the general public through our retail website. Wade Maid products are safe for use on all Duratain coated RVs.

The DURATAIN® Promise

When you see the DURATAIN sticker applied to your RV, you know that our company trained technicians have given your vehicle the most professional coating application in the industry. Service is the cornerstone of DURATAIN — no other company offers such complete protection. We take care of you and your vehicle. When you need help, contact us directly. Our customer service vans are on call!

The DURATAIN brand stands for professional expertise, product
assurance, and reliable service. Our brand is our promise.

All of Duratain products are manufactured in state of the art
plants in the USA that are held to California’s highest EPA
standards. We use components from both the USA and Canada
to create our products. This ensures we make the best products
along with helping our local economies.

  • Professional expertise
  • Product assurance
  • Reliable service

DURATAIN® coating installation services are performed by our factory technicians and backed by our 5/10 service warranty.